Attention U.S. Pork Producers, State and National Pork Industry Organization members and officers:

National Hog Farmer magazine is celebrating its 50th Anniversary this year. The focus of our Golden Anniversary celebration is planned for the May 15, 2005 “Commemorative Edition.” We have some special events and magazine features planned and we’d very much appreciate your help with two programs.

50 people who made a difference to the pork industry – We all know that a successful, dynamic industry requires strong leadership, commitment and vision. Hundreds of men and women have been influential during the past five decades, but we’re planning to narrow the field to the top 50 people who have contributed greatly to the U.S. pork industry. Some will have served in industry organization leadership roles. Others will have devoted their lives and careers to solving an industry problem, discovering or developing a technologically important breakthrough or establishing an industry program that advanced production and profitability. Still others may have been innovators, mentors or visionaries.

A panel of past and current National Hog Farmer editors, spanning our 50 years, will review the nominations, select the top 50, and recognize them in the May issue. We’ve developed a nomination form and a list of categories to stimulate nominations across a broad array of industry specialty areas. For example, what geneticist, nutritionist, or swine veterinarian has made a major contribution to the industry? Is there a commercial or seedstock producer, a mentor, an industry leader who has left the pork industry better for his or her presence?

For nomination form click here.

Pork Tour-A-Rama – For the fun of it, we’re also planning a travelogue of cool and amazing places, historically important sites or landmarks and particularly-important-to-pig-people events across the U.S. “pigdom.” We’re looking for the neat and unique spot on the map that you think deserves recognition. Just send us the name and location with a few pertinent details about the place or event and why you think it is “pig special.”

We’d like to have a representative for each state, so don’t limit your nominations to your home state. If you’ve been to a cool or amazing pig place, the finest pork restaurant in the world, or the birthplace of the pork tenderloin sandwich, for example, please nominate it. A few examples that come to mind: Hormel Foods’ amazing SPAM museum in Austin, MN; the “Big Pig Jig” pork barbeque festival in Vienna, GA; and, Henry County, IL, “Pasture Farrowing Capital of the World.” You may nominate as many as you wish.

For nomination form click here.