South Dakota Master Pork Producers honored

Producers showcase dedication and innovation in the field, and were recognized for their outstanding contributions to the state's swine industry.

February 27, 2023

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National Pork Board

The 2022 South Dakota Master Pork Producer winners were announced Jan. 11 during the 54th annual South Dakota Pork Congress in Sioux Falls.

The four South Dakota hog operations recognized were Terry and Chad Stoterau, of Sherman; Steve Waldner, of Bridgewater; Nick Siemonsma, of Dell Rapids; and Dan Howell, of Volga. These producers, who showcase dedication and innovation in the field, were recognized for their outstanding contributions to the state's swine industry. 

"These outstanding individuals demonstrate the commitment of South Dakota pork producers to the We Care Ethical Principles, including the commitment to animal well-being, contributions to their community, producing safe pork, and support for the South Dakota Pork Producers Council," said Ryan Samuel, SDSU Extension Swine Specialist. "SDSU Extension congratulates them."

The We Care commitment is a comprehensive statement of ethics and sustainability that launched in 2008 to promote responsible pork production in the United States. It was developed by the National Pork Board, National Pork Producers Council, hog farmers and state organizations all across the country. The group's 2021 Sustainability Report is available here


Terry and Chad Stoterau have a hog finishing operation by Sherman, South Dakota. They utilize one 1,200-piglet nursery and two 1,200-hog finishing barns on a nine-week rotation. The Stoteraus get their pigs from 9-Star Pork, where they are co-owners. They have excellent production records and market their pigs at Smithfield Foods in Sioux Falls and Wholestone Foods in Fremont, Nebraska. The Stoteraus also work with South Dakota-owned J&R Feeds on nutrition, and Scott VanderPoel from Pipestone Veterinary Clinic is their herd health consultant. Terry started raising pigs in 1980; Chad came back to the family farm in 2016, when they expanded their finishing operation.


Steve Waldner manages the 800-sow farrow-to-finish operation at Meadow View Colony by Bridgewater, South Dakota, and is assisted by Tyron and Timothy Waldner. The main site consists of breeding, gestation, farrowing and two small nurseries. They also lease two other nurseries and three finishing barns. In 2022 they built a 2,400-head finishing barn designed to reduce odor issues for their neighbors. They boast strong performance records and showcase innovative methods in their operation. 


Nick Siemonsma oversees three 2,400 head wean-to-finish barns near Dell Rapids, South Dakota. The first barn was built in 2016 and two were built in late 2022. All barns have a similar tunnel ventilation footprint with a 4-foot overhang, bringing fresh air into the attic. Grower pigs in the large pens have access to feed and water from wet/dry feeders. Water from supplemental nipple bars is provided during the nursery period. Siemonsma is involved with his local church and shares his passion for swine production with friends, family and neighbors as he continues to provide care for the pigs in his facilities that make him successful.


Dan Howell raises feeder-to-finish hogs near Volga, South Dakota, on ground that has housed hogs for more than three generations. The north barn, a 500-head finisher, is located 1 mile from the home farm where Dan's father, Kent, lives. The middle barn with two rooms of 325 head is just across the road from the home that Dan shares with his wife, Ann, and four children. A south barn was recently demolished due to damage sustained in the derecho on May 12, 2022, and is slated to be replaced by a 2,400-head finisher barn utilizing cross-ventilation. Dan checks the pigs and facilities twice per day to ensure animal health and welfare. He is active with the South Dakota Pork Producers Council, helping with events that promote the image and growth of South Dakota's pork industry.

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