Windows Reports for PigCHAMP Users

FBS Systems

The PigWINGS utility creates Windows reports and graphs directly from DOS (Version 4) PigCHAMP data. An exclusive flexgrid spreadsheet-style format allows users to take advantage of drag-and-drop columns. Users can drill down on underlying data, sort data within reports, generate graphs and charts and export directly to Excel or databases. No data conversion is required, and PigCHAMP can remain fully operational. As long as the user has access to PigCHAMP Version 4 data files, PigCHAMP doesn’t even need to be installed on the computer to run PigWINGS reports. FBS is releasing free copies of PigWINGS, as a special introduction, good for one farm through June 30, 2004. This introductory version is available on CD or may be downloaded free from www.fbssystems.com.

Learn more at www.fbssystems.com, or call 800-437-7638.
Visit Booth No. 756 VI at World Pork Expo.

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