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Swine Recordkeeping Service Colorado Swine Data

Colorado Swine Data (CSD), an independent data center, offers pork producers an opportunity to outsource breeding and farrowing data management. PigKnows is an innovative swine recordkeeping service designed to help producers save valuable time. Breeding and farrowing information is faxed, emailed or mailed to the Colorado Swine Data offices in Greeley, CO. CSD personnel enter the farm data the same day it is received. Records are immediately available on a secure connection from any location with Internet access. All events collected from the farm are counted and put into a worksheet. Farm personnel can search sow histories, print reports and sow cards, or can generate only the reports that are needed. Shareholders, veterinarians, bankers or other individuals can be also given authorization to review production data online. If a producer does not have Internet access, CSD will mail weekly reports and sow cards on the same day data is received.

Learn more at, or call 970-352-6466.
Visit Booth No. 414 VI at World Pork Expo.

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