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Oxy Blast Peroxide based water treatments opens for business in Canada

January 6th 2010: Oxy Blast Canada is pleased to announce the anniversary of its first official year in Canada. Oxy Blast®, is a proprietary formula of hydrogen peroxide for livestock, poultry and residential use. Oxy Blast® cleans up water contaminants, water well pumps, water lines, waterers, stock tanks and holding tanks.

Producers using Oxy Blast® report better overall health of livestock and poultry that leads to better production. The NSF certified brand of hydrogen peroxide is the preferred choice for residential use.

“Our first year in Canada has been outstanding. Our unique product started with one customer (the farmer who introduced us to a 12 year old product based in the U.S.), and we now have a growing, successful dealer network across Canada. The reason for our success is quite simple - the product works. We have many satisfied customers that have seen us solve problems that no other product has been able to. Documented results have reported unparalleled success in providing clean water, stain removal, improved-tasting water, less corrosion, production increases, decrease in somatic cell count and bacteria in dairies, reduction of antibiotic use, increased conception rates, better feed conversions, and better health for our human customers as well. When we introduced the product in Canada we had no idea how many people had water problems. We love what we do and enjoy solving issues for our customers. Helping them succeed is a very important part of our business.”, states Zak Motala- President of Oxy Blast Canada.

In addition to handling Oxy Blast® we handle Stenner peristaltic pumps & pump parts, Chemilizer pumps and Oxy Blast® test strips to properly monitor the right amount of product on an ongoing basis. We also offer CSP Dry, PC-7, and EWS Electrolyte products to condition water in conjunction with Oxy Blast® treatment.

Oxy Blast Canada offers all of the equipment needed to complete an easy-to-install system, including a peristaltic pump and test strips, plus optional water additives such as water conditioners, filters, softeners, pond and dugout treatment (Open All®) and an acidifier to meet individual water needs. Oxy Blast Canada is focused on clean water, however the nutritional value of Oxy Blast is second to none. “Clean water does not always mean good water.”

Contact Information:

Zak Motala

Oxy Blast Canada

British Columbia, Canada


[email protected]