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Webinar: Feed strategies during challenging market conditions

National Pork Board Pigs in a finishing barn
Market and technical exports will share what rising feed costs could mean for your hog operation and feed customers during this free webinar.

The U.S. livestock sector is in a time of much uncertainty, but there are things that can be done and strategies to consider.

Market and technical exports will share what rising feed costs could mean for your hog operation and feed customers during the free webinar “Feed strategies for challenging market conditions.” This webinar, hosted by Feedstuffs and sponsored by Elanco, will be held at 10 a.m. (Central) on Aug. 22.

Leading off the webinar, with a look at the current hog and grain markets and what’s ahead for 2020, will be Feedstuffs columnist Richard Brock. Brock is owner and president of Brock Associates, an agricultural marketing advisory service and publisher of The Brock Report, a weekly fundamental and technical newsletter. His firm, now with seven offices, manages grain sales on over 700,000 acres throughout the United States and is an adviser on purchasing strategies for many large poultry, pork, dairy and food companies.

Chad Pilcher, swine nutritionist with Provimi, will talk to the topic of diet decisions, such as considerations for a high- or low-energy diet, distiller’s dried grains with solubles levels and standardized ileal digestible lysine:CNE ratio. Pilcher works with the Provimi swine team to develop customer specific feeding programs to optimize nutritional value and financial return. He also invests time with customers in troubleshooting nutrition and management issues.

Chad Yoder, technical service consultant, value-added swine services for Elanco, will discuss population marketing strategies based on margin over feed and how to use feed efficiency to drive higher weights without adding cost even in times of higher feed prices.

Roger Arentson, senior technical consultant with Elanco, will present the economics and return-on-investment of efficiency strategies and common tactics in various market conditions.

The one-hour webinar will be hosted by Feedstuffs and sponsored by Elanco. Andy Vance, account director with Feedstuffs, will moderate this webinar. Feedstuffs is a sister publication to National Hog Farmer.

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