Upcoming Webinars Present Practical Research Results for On-Farm Use

The Animal Science Research Webinar Series is designed to highlight results from completed research projects funded by the Animal Science Committee of the National Pork Board. These results have direct application to production and therefore pork producers will find this information to be valuable as they make management decisions that affect productivity and profitability. Webinars will be presented by the principle investigator from each project and webinar participants will have the opportunity to interact with the investigator following the presentation.

Upcoming webinars include:

Preparing for the Inevitable Increase In Fiber Content in Practical Swine Diets

August 5, 2014   Dr. John Patience   Register for this Webinar   Research Summary

Maximizing Co-product Feeding in Finishing Diets

August 12, 2014   Dr. Joel DeRouchey   Register for this Webinar   Research Summary

Improving Fiber Digestibility in Swine Diets

August 19, 2014   Dr. Sabrina Trupia   Register for this Webinar   Research Summary

Impact of Decreasing Corn Particle Size on Energy, Phosphorous and Amino Acid Digestibility

August 26, 2014   Dr.  Hans Stein   Register for this Webinar   Research Summary
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