Swine Veterinarians Annual Meeting

“Beyond the Basics” is the theme for the 37th annual meeting of the American Association of Swine Veterinarians (AASV). The meeting is scheduled for March 4-7, 2006 at the Westin Crown Center Hotel in Kansas City, MO. Reserve a room by calling (816) 474-4400 or 800-228-3000.

The program builds on the themes, “Back to the Basics” and “Applying the Basics,” according to AASV President Scott Dee.

Capturing that theme, Gregg BeVier, DVM, of Duluth, GA, will give the Howard Dunne Memorial Lecture March 6 addressing the question, “Beyond the Basics: What Will the Future Bring and How Will We Get Ready?”

Illinois swine practitioner Jim Lowe of The Maschhoffs Inc., producer Steve Pollman of Murphy-Brown, LLC, and packer Gary Louis of Seaboard Farms will share their perspectives on “Challenges and Changes in the Swine Industry.”

AASV life member Roy Schultz of Avoca, IA, will present the Founder’s Message, “Success and Failure in the Swine Veterinary Profession: What Have We Learned?” Four concurrent sessions March 6 address swine welfare, professional development, emerging diseases and managing diagnostic information.

There will be two concurrent sessions March 7. The first session explores regional eradication of disease. The second session offers research presentations covering porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome, porcine coronavirus Type 2, swine influenza virus, Mycoplasmal pneumonia, salmonella and production issues.

Pre-conference workshops on March 4-5 address a wide variety of topics including applied pharmacology, grow-finish records, case studies, gilt development, boar stud issues, foreign animal disease, sow productivity, swine nutrition, financial planning, parity segregation, postweaning multi-systemic wasting syndrome and business for new swine veterinarians.

For registration information, contact the AASV office by phone, (515) 465-5255; fax, (515) 465-3832 or e-mail, aasv@aasv.org or click on the Web site, www.aasv.org/annmtg.