Professional Swine Managers Conference

The National Pork Board is sponsoring a series of Professional Managers Conferences across the country in November.

The two-day conferences are being held at the following dates and locations:

  • Nov. 7-8 in Dayton, OH;
  • Nov. 8-9 in Clinton, NC;
  • Nov. 9-10 in Memphis, TN;
  • Nov. 10-11 in Guymon, OK;
  • Nov. 11-12 in Marshall, MO;
  • Nov. 14-15 in Lansing, MI;
  • Nov. 15-16 in Springfield, IL;
  • Nov. 16-17 in Cedar Rapids, IA;
  • Nov. 17-18 in Mankato, MN;
  • Nov. 18-19 in Omaha, NE.

Key topics to be covered include: Gilt pool management, troubleshooting farrowing rate, litter size and breeding, ventilation management, biosecurity/sanitation, sow longevity, stray voltage (electrical pitfalls), animal welfare and emerging/reemerging diseases.

Registration is $100, $125 at the door.

Find out more by calling the National Pork Board at (800) 456-7675.

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