South Dakota Pork Plant to Expand

John Morrell’s Sioux Falls, SD, pork plant is on the verge of starting the largest expansion in the state’s history.

Morrell, a subsidiary of Smithfield Foods Inc., is adding a 232,000 sq. ft. addition estimated to cost $100 million.

In early June, site plans for the building were submitted to the city, and plans for completion are slated for October 2007.

The addition will allow the company to expand its deli ham production system, replace its sausage-making facility and add two precooked bacon lines and one topping line.

The Morrell plant employees about 3,200 workers and this expansion will add 200 workers to the nearly century-old plant.

Plans are under review by city engineers, who must approve the plan for utilities.

The Sioux Falls plant will receive about $4 million in state incentives to expand, including a $1 million grant paid over five years from South Dakota’s futures fund, $200,000 in state workforce development training funds and a $1.5 million sales and excise tax refund on purchase of new equipment.

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