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Rep. De La Cruz introduces Feral Swine Act

USDA A feral hog and two piglets
Legislation extends federal feral swine eradication program for another five years.

Bipartisan legislation introduced by Rep. Monica De La Cruz (TX-15) on Wednesday would extend the federal government's feral swine eradication program for another five years.

De La Cruz's Feral Swine Act extends the Feral Swine Eradication and Control Program established under section 2408 of the 2018 Farm Bill. The program was created to respond to the threat feral swine pose to native ecosystems, agriculture, and animal and human health.

The program consists of three coordinated components: feral swine removal, restoration efforts and aid to producers for feral swine control efforts.

"Farmers and ranchers in South Texas and across the United States know the threat posed by wild hogs," De La Cruz said. "These animals damage crops, hurt livestock, damage property, pollute the water, and pose a risk to pets and people. Texas is flooded with swine that have no natural predator besides humans. That is why I've introduced this bill. We have to protect our farmers and ranchers in Texas from this predator ravaging our lands."

"Texas farmers, ranchers and landowners continue to suffer staggering losses from feral hog destruction to crops, fences and other property," said Texas Farm Bureau President Russell Boening. "We applaud Congresswoman Monica De La Cruz for introducing the Feral Swine Act to ensure tools are readily available to help control the feral hog population while, in turn, helping producers who are working to feed and clothe the world. We look forward to our continued work with Congresswoman De La Cruz to ensure enactment of this legislation."

Texas is home to an estimated 2.6 million feral swine. The population is estimated at 6.9 million in the United States.

Co-Sponsors include Reps. Tony Gonzales (TX-23), Pat Fallon (TX-04), August Pfluger (TX-11), Jasmine Crockett (TX-30), Rep. Michael McCaul (TX-10), Ronny Jackson (TX-13), Maria Elvira Salazar (FL-27), Pete Sessions (TX-17), Henry Cuellar (TX-28), Lance Gooden (TX-05), Jake Ellzey (TX-06) and Barry Moore (AL-02).

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