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Q-Vant Bioscience highlights K-State CSF vaccine study results

Article-Q-Vant Bioscience highlights K-State CSF vaccine study results

Getty Images/iStockphoto Veterinarian holding a young pig, while another prepares to administer a vaccine
Shi's team is working on novel vaccine and diagnostic strategies for PRRS, classical swine fever, African swine fever and emerging viral diseases of swine.

Q-Vant Biosciences, the first company to achieve a 100% sustainable way to meet the growing global vaccine market demand for Quillaja saponin-based adjuvants, has announced positive results comparing Q-Vant's sustainable saponin-based adjuvant, Q-VET-S, to Croda’s Quil-A adjuvant. These results were obtained through a collaborative study with Kansas State University, utilizing their subunit classic swine fever vaccine.

The CSF vaccine was developed by Kansas State professor Jishu Shi. Shi also serves as the director of the Center for Vaccine Evaluation, where he and his team are working on novel vaccine and diagnostic strategies aimed at better control and prevention measures targeting swine infectious diseases. This includes porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome, classical swine fever virus, African swine fever and other emerging viral diseases of swine.

"The development of Q-VET-S and its proven effect marks a major milestone in the field of vaccine adjuvants," said Juan Jose Albarran, the chief commercial officer of Q-Vant Biosciences. "Our cutting-edge technology not only ensures a reliable supply for the pharmaceutical sector but also addresses the environmental concerns associated with Quillaja Saponaria harvesting. By focusing on sustainability, we are playing a significant role in protecting Chile's forests while simultaneously advancing global animal and human health."

Q-Vant is a privately held company that says it has solved the supply chain problem of QS-21 and other Quillaja-based saponin adjuvants for the global human and animal pharmaceutical markets. Led by a team with unrivaled experience in vaccine and adjuvant development, manufacturing and global regulatory requirements, and with world-class knowledge in Quillaja saponin supply chain, agronomy, extraction and purification, Q-Vant is the first company that is vertically integrated to combine a secured sustainable Quillaja raw material supply with pharma cGMP commercial-scale production of QS-21 and other saponin-based adjuvants.

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