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Purdue Produces Sow Housing Materials

Purdue University researchers have collaborated with governmental agencies and private groups to produce an educational package on the best housing for pregnant pigs.

“There are so many questions about sow gestation housing that people need to investigate the option that is best for them and for their animals,” explains Ed Pajor, director of the Purdue Center for Food Animal Well-Being. “It’s important to talk about the advantages and disadvantages of the different systems.”

The collaboration has resulted in a two-disc video and a newly launched Web site that features hog farmers talking about their sow gestation housing choice. The video includes footage from the National Pork Board and other sources.

The Web site address is It also features news and event listings, photos, video ordering information and links to other informational sites.

Pajor makes it clear the video and Web site are designed to help producers make educated choices about sow housing options.

We aren’t promoting one system or the other,” he observes. “We want hog producers to determine if a system will work for them. We hope the materials we’re providing will answer some of their questions about alternative sow gestation housing.”