Ohio Pork Profit Programs

“Sharing Knowledge for Profit” is the theme of four pork producer programs sponsored by the Ohio Pork Industry Center.

The Dec. 13 program is at the Osgood, OH, American Legion Hall (register by phone 937-548-5215 or fax 937-547-6491). Topics include manure application, reproductive efficiency, animal identification (ID), managing ileitis and Hemorrhagic Bowl Syndrome (HBS), future competitiveness and consumer expectations.

The Dec. 14 program is at the Kalida, OH, Knights of Columbus Hall (register by phone 419-523-6294 or fax 419-523-3192). Topics include consumer expectations, future competitiveness, weaned pig productivity, fine-tuning winter ventilation, environmental regulations and animal ID.

The Dec. 15 program is at the Knox County Extension Office at Mt. Vernon, OH (register by phone 740-397-0401 or fax 740-393-0126). Topics include feeding the modern sow, manure application, pork industry economics, managing ileitis and HBS, livestock revenue insurance and animal ID.

The Dec. 16 program is at the Elks Lodge, Upper Sandusky, OH (register by phone 419-294-4931 or fax 419-294-6415). Topics include pork industry economics, air quality issues, manure management liabilities, managing ileitis and HBS, manure application and animal ID.