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Pertinent Eco-Solutions launches new fly control solution

Pertinent IGR 10.5.jpg
New pesticide brings proven active ingredient into eco-friendly formulation.

Pertinent Eco-Solutions, a manufacturer of eco-friendly pest control products, has released an insect growth regulator (IGR) deliverable as a feed-thru for controlling horn fly populations in cattle pastures. Joining Pertinent’s line of highly effective, naturally derived adulticides and IGRs in the cattle market, the IGR 10.5% Feed-Thru Fly Solution was officially introduced to the agricultural marketplace at the 2023 National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA) Industry Convention and Trade Show and is now available for purchase.

The powerful formulation, which includes active ingredient S-Methoprene, acts as a synthetic juvenile hormone in the cow manure that serves as a host to early-stage horn flies and includes a booster to provide nearly 100% population control. This prevents eggs, larvae and pupae from maturing to the next stage, ultimately stopping the emergence of adult flies in the biting stage and causing a collapse of the fly population.

“Most producers will agree that flies are one of the biggest nuisances for raising production animals,” said Frank Jusich, Pertinent co-founder, “We’ve come up with a solution to reduce the presence of the insects, preventing weight loss and decreased milk production.”

A feed-thru product with S-Methoprene, an active ingredient with no known resistance cases, can provide maximum ROI for cattle producers looking to boost profits.

“You save labor, and you don’t need to round up or stress out the animals. For 2 cents per head per day, it’s pretty well documented that you get about a 10X return on your money,” Jusich said.

In addition to its effectiveness, the IGR 10.5% Feed-Thru Fly Control Solution serves Pertinent’s broader mission of environmentally friendly pest management.

“This product is extremely safe to use around birds, fish, reptiles and mammals, both humans and animals. Methoprene is also approved by the WHO to be included in potable water,” Jusich said. “Our product is very selective. Helpful insects and pollinators such as butterflies, dragonflies, bees and dung beetles, which are necessary in manure management, are not affected.”

Pertinent also prides itself in being easy to do business with. No contracts are required to purchase any Pertinent products, and the minimum purchase on the IGR 10.5% Feed-Thru Fly Control Solution is only two 20 lb. buckets. Products are also competitively priced with a discount on the initial purchase to further boost ROI.


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