NPPC Commends USDA’s Approach to ID System

National Pork Producers Council President-Elect Joy Philippi commended the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) announcement supporting an industry-led, species-specific approach in development and implementation of a national animal identification (ID) system.

“We are encouraged by the department’s approach toward private industry’s role in developing a national animal ID system,” says the Bruning, NE, producer.

The announcement is in line with the swine industry’s support for a mandatory, national animal ID system by 2008.

“The swine industry will use the existing mandatory pseudorabies eradication program standards as the model for a national swine ID system,” remarks Philippi. “This will ensure that the swine industry is able to build on a proven and effective program that has been developed, implemented and accepted by pork producers, and federal and state partners, and one in which costs have already been built into the pork production system.”

NPPC recommends USDA:

  • Define the details to achieve a 48-hour traceback;
  • Work with and financially support species groups to implement a species-specific plan;
  • Monitor plans for compliance; and
  • Identify needed enhancements.

Secretary of Agriculture Mike Johanns says the National Animal Identification System (NAIS) has been well received. More than 100,000 premises have registered.

“We are eager to work closely with industry as they develop and maintain databases that contain animal movement information. After hearing the confidentiality concerns of producers, we envision a system that allows these databases to feed a single, privately held animal-tracking repository that we can access.”

USDA plans to hold a stakeholder meeting this fall to spell out details of the private tracking system and discuss user requirements and system specifications.