Manure Handling Expo Scheduled

The third biennial Upper Midwest Manure Handling Expo will be held Aug. 11 at the University of Minnesota Southern Research and Outreach Center at Waseca, MN.

This year’s theme is “Manure Handling in the 21st Century.” The show is designed to highlight new technologies to preserve manure nutrients, enhance the profitability of manure application and protect the environment. The Expo includes a full day of field equipment demonstrations, vendor displays and educational sessions. Admission to the trade show is free.

As in past years, the Expo will include field demonstrations of both solid and liquid manure application equipment. This year’s event also includes static displays of various types of manure handling equipment and services.

Educational events cover manure nitrogen and phosphorus management, economics of manure application, soil compaction issues, spill response, development of manure management plans, manure treatment systems, dead animal composting, livestock ration management and the impact on manure nutrients and biofilters and other odor control measures.

For exhibitor registration, visit www.manure.umn.eddu/fieldday05. For more information, contact Barb Oliver at the University of Minnesota, (612) 625-7024.