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International Conference on Pig Survivability set for October

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Conference to discuss the most current information relative to sow, litter, weaned pig and grow-finish mortality.

The International Conference on Pig Survivability will be held October 27-28, 2021 in Omaha, Nebraska, at the Hilton Omaha. The conference’s objective is to facilitate the discussion and dissemination of the most current information relative to sow, litter, weaned pig and grow-finish mortality.

The event, hosted by Iowa State University, Kansas State University, and Purdue University, will include panel discussions, keynote speakers, and concurrent sessions. With 19 different speakers a variety of hot topics throughout the industry will be covered. Current speakers include Dr. Bill Christianson, Ron Ketchem, Dr. Lee Schulz, Dr. Chris Rademacher, Dr. Gustavo Pizarro, Dr. Brett Kaysen, Valerie Duttlinger and Dr. Noel Williams.

“By featuring presentations and panel discussions from industry leaders and scientific experts, we want to bring the industry together to motivate change,” the conference website states. “We hope this will include producers, researchers, students, extension personnel, swine consultants, and representatives from allied industries. We want attendees to walk away with a sense of urgency towards the issue of mortality and some practical ideas of what to do about it.”

To learn more about the conference and to register, click here.

Registration for the conference is open, with the early bird discount ending October 1.

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