Illinois Pork Seminars Set for June 12-13

Two seminars on “Managing Feed Costs with High Prices,” will be held June 12 at the Bureau County Metro Center in Princeton, IL, and June 13 at the Decatur Conference Center in Decatur, IL. Both sessions start at 9 a.m. and conclude by 4 p.m.

Registration and a complete agenda are available at or by calling the Illinois Pork Producers Association office at (217) 529-3100.

Seminar topics include ways of lowering feed costs, recommendations for feeding dried distiller’s grains with solubles and improving feed conversion rates.

Mike Brumm of Brumm Swine Consultancy, North Mankato, MN, will address the importance of feeder choice, feeder management and feed and water intake patterns on feed conversion and pig productivity.
Purdue University agricultural economist Chris Hurt will discuss the impact of feed price on profitability.

University of Illinois speakers include Rob Knox, Mike Ellis, Jim Pettigrew and Hans Stein.

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