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Swine Reproductive Health Conference

The Illinois Swine Reproductive Health and Management Conference is slated for Dec. 16 at the University of Illinois Extension Building, Illinois State Fairgrounds, Springfield, IL.

Tom Fangman, DVM, University of Missouri, will present how vaccination works in a breeding herd and discuss biosecurity. University of Illinois (U of I) Extension veterinarian Larry Firkins will share his views on reproductive diseases.

High sow mortality and low sow longevity will be discussed by U of I animal scientist Mike Ellis.

Replacement gilt health will be covered by Rodger Schneck of Alpharma Animal Health. Early detection of health problems in the breeding herd, and the top 10 things to do to improve health of the breeding herd will be covered by William Hollis, DVM, Carthage (IL) Veterinary Services Ltd.

Rob Knox, U of I swine reproductive Extension specialist, will analyze the risk of disease from semen.

To register, contact Lois Welch by phone, (217) 333-2626; fax, (217) 333-8286 or e-mail