FEEDSTUFFS IN FOCUS: Corn usage and outlook for feed and fuel

Dr. David Widmar about corn usage trends in the era of persistent high prices.

With high corn prices very much on the minds of livestock feeders, what does available data tell us about corn usage trends? While it might be true to say that usage is only down 2% off all-time records, it would also be fair to say that trendline usage off by a billion bushels, the worst in nearly a decade. Let’s peel back the figures and take a deeper look at corn prices, usage, and the future for the feed and biofuels sectors.

David Widmar is an agricultural economist writing at Agricultural Economic Insights. In this episode the former Purdue University professor and Kansas Department of Agriculture economist discusses corn usage trends in the era of persistent high prices, and his expectations for how the Federal Reserve will handle generationally-high inflation with an eye toward keeping recessionary fears at bay.

This episode is sponsored by United Animal Health, a leader in animal health and nutrition. You can learn more about United Animal Health and how they are working to advance animal science worldwide by visiting their website UnitedANH.com.

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