North Carolina Pork Council Rejects Activist Group’s Claims

The North Carolina Pork Council (NCPC) has rejected a call by a New York City-based activist group for North Carolina to take new steps to reduce hog waste pollution.

Environmental Defense issued a news release June 22 in which it called on North Carolina Gov. Mike Easley and state lawmakers to support legislation that would permanently ban lagoons and set a deadline for converting farms with more than 250 hogs to cleaner waste systems. The Clean Hog Farms Act of 2005 would also direct the state’s leading research institutions to develop a plan that would address conversion costs.

NCPC responded with the following statement. “Currently, there are studies being done by Dr. Mike Williams at North Carolina State University to determine if there are environmentally superior and economically feasible alternatives to the North Carolina pork industry’s current method of waste management. Any legislation introduced prior to a report of findings from this study is premature.”