Iowa Ag Engineers Retire

Five members of the Iowa State University (ISU) Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering faculty retired the end of June.

The five have served a combined 127 years. They are Stu Melvin, 34 years; Dwaine Bundy, 31 years; Jim Baker, 31 years; Jeff Lorimor, 22 years; and Grame Quick, nine years. The retirees are experts in water and air quality, manure management, sustainable ag systems and machinery.

The focus of the team continues but also will move toward biological engineering, says Ramesh Kanwar, department chair.

New ISU faculty hired are: Jacek Koziel, Texas A&M University to work on air quality; Lie Tang, Wageningen University, The Netherlands to work on machinery; and Robert Burns, University of Tennessee, to focus on manure management and nutrient management systems.