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Trucker Quality Assurance Pays Off

More than 360 instructors and 14,000 producers, drivers and handlers have been certified in the Trucker Quality Assurance (TQA) program since the effort was launched in 2002.

“An economic analysis has shown that TQA has saved the pork industry more than $6 million,” says Erik Risa, education program manager for the National Pork Board.

TQA provides information to facilitate transportation and delivery of the highest-quality, safest product possible to keep pork competitive in U.S. and world markets.

“TQA isn’t just for truck drivers – it’s for producers, load crews, packing plant employees and others who work in the swine industry,” relates Risa. “By focusing on animal welfare and biosecurity throughout the pork production chain, TQA plays a key role in making U.S. pork consumers’ meat of choice.”