Pseudorabies Control Board Recesses

The Pseudorabies (PRV) Control Board has voted to recess activities, the group decided at its committee meeting during the U.S. Animal Health Association (USAHA) annual meeting in Minneapolis.

The control board organized and interpreted program standards, which guided the producer-driven PRV eradication program. Eradication of PRV from the U.S. commercial swine herd was completed in 2004.

During its recent meeting, the control board learned that domestic swine remain free of PRV, but the disease is known to exist in feral swine. Future PRV-related activities will fall under the jurisdiction of USAHA’s Transmissible Diseases of Swine Committee and the National Institute of Animal Agriculture’s Swine Health Committee. The PRV Control Board retains its charge as an oversight committee for PRV eradication and will reconvene as is deemed necessary.