Scenic view overlooking a couple of hog barns
While the United States spends only 6% of our income on food, there are many nations that spend 25% to 35%.
If the youth are the future of the U.S. swine industry, it is never too early to get them interested. Lee Johnston, professor of Swine Nutrition and Management at the University of Minnesota West Central Research and Outreach Center in Morris, and grandson Tysen Lee Johnston peruse the National Hog Farmer magazine.
When the provinces with outbreaks and neighboring provinces completely banned feeding swill to pigs, the epidemic was greatly reduced.
Veterinarian and farmer checking pigs
Meat case with a variety of pork cuts.
Emma Lasco
The “Meat of the North” is truly pork.
Christine Snowden, 2018 Pig Farmer of Tomorrow
Myth versus fact