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Kent Nutrition Group partners with GlobalVetLINK for VFDs

Kent Nutrition Group is partnering with GlobalVetLINK to help prepare their dealers for the Veterinary Feed Directive changes that will occur Jan. 1.

Kent Nutrition Group is partnering with GlobalVetLINK to help prepare their dealers for the Veterinary Feed Directive changes that will occur Jan. 1.

GVL’s complete VFD system, FeedLINK, provides feed distributors and dealers with a 21 CFR Part 11 compliant online software solution to manage all VFDs, letters of acknowledgement and related information in a single, secure account.

“FeedLINK is a cost-effective and comprehensive VFD platform that will be used by our Kent, Blue Seal and Deluxe Feed Mill locations,” says Chuck Bloechl, Kent Nutrition Group. “We also appreciate GlobalVetLINK’s active participation in our VFD Awareness dealer meetings and webinars.”

Through FeedLINK, feed distributors, mills and dealers receive digital VFDs immediately from GVL subscribing veterinarians. The priority messaging tool enables feed distributors and veterinarians to collaborate throughout the VFD process. Feed distributors and dealers can also upload digital copies of paper VFDs, emailed or faxed VFDs from other sources, and letters of acknowledgement from other distributors. All VFD-related records are maintained in the feed distributor’s secure 21 CFR Part 11 compliant account for a minimum of two years, and FeedLINK notifies all stakeholders as VFDs near expiration.

“We are proud to work with Kent Nutrition Group to not only provide VFD education to their dealers, but also a complete solution for VFD compliance,” says Cliff Smith, GlobalVetLINK CEO.

GVL has provided FeedLINK as the industry’s electronic VFD solution for more than 10 years producing over 30,000 VFDs for veterinarians, producers and feed distributors. Patent-pending GVL SmartEngine technology guides users through VFD creation to allow only approved label information, helping to ensure VFDs are accurate, complete and compliant. Learn more about GlobalVetLINK at

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