2006 World Pork Expo New Product Tour

National Hog Farmer is again offering readers and attendees of World Pork Expo an opportunity to preview their favorite new product or service from the slate of 30 nominations featured in the following pages. ACCO Showmaster Nutrition Program ACCO Feeds The ACCO Feeds Showmaster nutrition program was designed for the show pig category. The Showmaster program includes a complete line of products with

National Hog Farmer is again offering readers and attendees of World Pork Expo an opportunity to preview their favorite new product or service from the slate of 30 nominations featured in the following pages.

ACCO Showmaster Nutrition Program ACCO Feeds

The ACCO Feeds Showmaster nutrition program was designed for the show pig category. The Showmaster program includes a complete line of products with winning formulas from start to finish. The program includes special diets for show pigs, breeding sows and boars, along with nutritional supplements to provide the perfect finish. Showmaster Premium Show Feeds deliver advanced carbohydrate technology. Carbohydrates make up roughly two-thirds of the show pig's diet.

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Clear Advantage Water Purification Technology Aerotech

The Clear Advantage water purification system helps provide pure oxygenated water to your animals. Ozonated water will improve the health of the animals, which translates into more livestock to market, lower feed cost, better heat resistance, improved weight gain and medication efficiency. Each Clear Advantage system is specifically designed for your application.

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Weight On The Fly A.T. Ferrell Company, Inc.

The Weight On The Fly (WOF) is a simple and accurate continuous-flow weighing, mixing and proportioning unit with computer interface capabilities. The WOF is designed to store a number of selected swine rations that are available for instantaneous weighing and metering into a continuous stream of ingredients. If the product needs to be ground, the ingredients can flow from the WOF into a hammer mill or roller mill.

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INTAK Ad-Lib Lactation Feeding System Automated Production Systems (AP)

The INTAK Ad-Lib Lactation Feeding System from AP provides an economical and efficient way to upgrade most existing farrowing crates to on-demand feeding. The system makes fresh feed available to the sow 24 hours per day, increasing feed intake while decreasing feed waste. Production benefits include increased litter weights and improved sow condition and breed-back. The INTAK System can be fully automated with a Chain-Disk feed delivery system saving time and labor cost.

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Seamless Summit Flooring Canarm/BSM Ltd.

Canarm/BSM introduces the new Seamless Summit Flooring for nursery facilities. The slat design reduces installation costs and makes cleaning easier. The slats measure 2-ft. × 4-ft. and are manufactured with 100% virgin material for additional strength and durability. The Seamless Summit slat features a unique Seamless Joining System with a capped-over seam for easier and faster cleaning. The V-shaped ribs and light color facilitate early disease detection and helps brighten the room. The Seamless Summit floor is designed for pigs up to 100 lb.

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Cargill Animal Nutrition Cargill, Inc.

Several new nutrients were added to the Cargill nutrient portfolio for custom nutrition solutions. Cargill's scientists challenged traditional energy metabolism paradigms. They developed a new way to formulate diets based upon net energy for young pigs, heat of digestion for growing hogs and/or the Ideal Carbohydrate TM balance. This new approach supports more precise gains, more pig comfort and more efficient production for today's pork producer.

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Halo Feed System Control Controltech Corporation

The Halo Feed System Control provides a reliable means of controlling a feed delivery system. Existing hopper level switch and proximity switch feed controls can be notoriously unreliable, causing feed outages. The Halo Feed System Control uses infrared sensing technology that is better-suited for a livestock environment. The Halo Feed System Control also features timing and alarm functions required to operate a feed delivery system.

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Creep Flooring Double Dragon Industries

DDI pioneered a high-quality, durable, easy-to-install hog flooring and support structure. The distinctive characteristic of this flooring is simple installation requiring no fasteners. The support structure and flooring are both produced in a simple, one-piece design constructed of metal bar stock with a hot-dipped, galvanized coating. The support structure and flooring underside use a rod design to offer fewer corners and flat areas for manure build-up, as well as creating an interlocking mesh between the two structures to eliminate the need for fasteners.

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Eventherm TH 4-20 Weatherproof Thermostat Double Dragon Industries

A thermally comfortable pig is vital for both productivity and disease control. The new Eventherm TH 4-20 Weatherproof Thermostat from DDI integrates a novel, stainless steel sensor cover between the wall and the thermostat's stainless steel sensing spiral. This ground-breaking feature shields the sensor from considering the temperature of the wall structure, without restricting the room airflow necessary for the sensor to maintain accurate readings. The sensor cover feature allows the thermostat to respond more precisely to changes in room temperature and helps maintain a more desirable temperature.

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MiniDos Dosmatic USA, Inc.

The new MiniDos Professional series of non-electric, water-driven, proportional injectors provides higher operating pressure, higher flows, and reduced pressure loss. A built-in mixing chamber leads to improved mixing. The MiniDos offers an optional remote injection feature.

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DuPont Biosecurity Kit Engineered with Excellence DuPont Animal Health Services

DuPont Biosecurity Kit is a new product offering engineered by DuPont's experts in safety to provide personal protection and proven efficacy for the farm environment.

This new offering incorporates the following innovations:

The world's premier disinfectant, Virkon® S Disinfectant and Virucide, which is effective against 65 strains of virus including PRRS, PCV2 and TGE.

DuPont Tyvek® coveralls and DuPont RelyOn Antiseptic Hand Wipes.

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Integrator Pro Easy Automation, Inc.

Integrator Pro is designed for pork producers looking for an easy link between their growers and the toll mills, while still maintaining feed budget information. Integrator Pro includes modules specifically designed for each end of the pork production business. Feed Order Pro allows growers to easily and efficiently order feed and enter animal movements in a web-based system, PDA or via a touch-tone phone. The Grower Contracts module focuses on the maintenance of contracts between the integrator and each grower. The central system to Integrator Pro includes feed budgeting and group information to ensure proper feed deliveries. Toll Mill Pro is designed to allow each toll mill to retrieve their orders electronically, enter price lists, and record actual weights while ensuring proper formulation and pricing.

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Bantam Ultrasound Mobile Waist Pouch E.I. Medical Imaging

The Mobile Waist Pouch for the Bantam Real-Time Ultrasound Scanner offers better weight distribution for carrying the 30-oz. scanner via a padded, breathable and ventilated waist belt. The new adjustable pouch is made of the highest-quality fabric, is user friendly and features secure snaps. The clear plastic top prevents fluid and particles from entering the electronics while allowing the user an easy view and access to the controls.

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InSite Monitor Glasses E.I. Medical Imaging

E.I. Medical Imaging offers the new InSite Digital Monitor Glasses for the Bantam Real-Time Ultrasound Scanner. The InSite Digital Monitor Glasses offer a hands-free, fully adjustable monitor to make early pregnancy diagnosis and backfat scanning more comfortable and efficient for the ultrasound user. The user can easily adjust for eye width, brightness, contrast and focus. InSite glasses eliminate neck and back strain associated with viewing a monitor screen. They allow scanning without glare from bright light and sunshine.

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Farnam LTS Tag Recorder Farnam Companies, Inc.

The Palm®-based LTS Tag Recorder is a rugged RFID reader and data accumulator designed for a variety of livestock identification applications. With its user-definable software interface, it can be customized for a host of environments and applications. The Farnam LTS Tag Recorder has an IP67 rating, and can stand up to the harshest environments. This allows the Farnam LTS to be used instead of vulnerable laptops and standard PDAs that are susceptible to water and dust ingress, as well as physical damage. Retrieve data from the reader easily with the included software. Once uploaded, data can be modified using Microsoft Excel or almost any other management program.

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New Z Hog Tags With Laser Printing Farnam Companies, Inc.

The Farnam New Z Hog Tag is a one-piece ear tag designed for use on swine over four months of age. The tags can now be decorated using laser marking. This provides virtually limitless graphic possibilities, including numbers, logos and barcodes. Laser marking also ensures information won't fade over time. Identifying both individual animals as well as group lots allows for immediate identification and faster access to records. A patented, self-piercing tip means clean, precise incisions and helps prevent infection and disease transfer.

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Farm SeRVey Executive Dashboard Software FBS Systems, Inc.

Farm SeRVey Executive Dashboard software allows pork managers to monitor Key Performance Indicators inside and outside their organizations from a wide variety of data sources, including accounting and production software, spreadsheets, facility monitoring systems and web sites. Views such as graphs, tables, gauges and maps, can be customized by the user and are automatically updated as underlying data change. Farm SeRVey provides a concise, real-time control center for any decision maker currently overloaded with data.

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Super Sorter Scales K & L Technical Services LTD.

Sort feeder pigs with the same efficiency as the larger animals. A new weaner insert for the Super Sorter Scales, as well as a new, one-way gate, allow the producer to sort the heaviest pigs or the smallest pigs off from the group. Many producers over-stock their barns as weaners. Then they must sort to make barns more uniform. The new Super Sorter Scales take many hours of back-breaking labor out of the picture and leaves pigs stress-free and uniform.

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OptiPhos JBS United, Inc

OptiPhos is a new phytase product developed and offered for sale by JBS United, Inc. OptiPhos releases two times as much phosphorus from feed grain in pigs than competitive phytase products. This results in an enhanced diet for the pig, as inorganic phosphorus is replaced with energy from corn and/or soybeans. In addition, OptiPhos benefits the environment by significantly reducing phosphorus levels in manure. A study conducted with The Maschhoffs, Inc., released in March 2006, showed phosphorus excretion in manure was reduced by 45% when using OptiPhos.

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A.I. Handycope Kane Enterprises, Inc.

The A.I. Handycope is a high-powered, portable, microscope designed for use as a fast and reliable test kit for fertility screening in artificial insemination applications. Use the Handycope to select the healthiest, most active sperm samples for efficient artificial insemination and a high rate of successful pregnancy. The instrument is easy to handle and use. A high-powered LED light guarantees clear and bright images, even at night or in dark working environments. The A.I. Handycope is powered by a lithium battery and can be carried anywhere it is needed.

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AGRO - JET Medical International Technologies

Jet Injection is a state of the art, safe, fast, reliable, accurate and simple way to inject medicine. The injected medication disperses in a mist or spray effect as it enters the dermal, subcutaneous or the intramuscular tissue. The minute fluid particles of medication are then in close contact with the absorbent tissue. The rate of absorption increases as the surface area to which the medication is exposed increases. The small penetration point results in reduced trauma to the site.

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Bio-Burn Incinerator Team Ag Division/Metal Plessis, Inc.

Protect your investment and avoid contamination. Stop paying for carcass pick-up and disposal. Control the safety of your stock and profit. The Bio-Burn Incinerator from the Team Ag Division of Metal Plessis, Inc. is biosafe, economical and easy to operate.

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BinTrac Novonix Corporation

The BinTrac monitor from Novonix Corporation uses a direct-contact sensing technology for continuous bin-level measurement. It uses three or more sensor cables to register the depth of feed in the bin. The signals from all sensor cables are averaged to minimize errors from voids within the feed. The feed level is then computed and displayed on the monitor's LED bar graph. The BinTrac system is not affected by dust, temperature changes, ice or feed density. The monitor can track up to four bins at one time.

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MicroZone Novonix Corporation

MicroZone is the automatic lamp and mat heating controller from Novonix Corporation. It is compact, rugged and easy to use. It works with the MicroZone Power Modulator to achieve 25-45% lower electrical costs, fewer preweaning deaths, longer equipment life and reduced labor costs. The controller has its own temperature sensor to monitor the piglets' environment. Power modulators automatically regulate power to the heaters from 0 to 100% to compensate for changes in room temperature and animal needs.

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DRAXXIN (tulathromycin) Injectable Solution Pfizer Animal Health

Pfizer Animal Health introduces DRAXXIN, a novel antimicrobial from a new triamilide class. It provides rapid, extensive and prolonged lung tissue concentrations and delivers one-dose, full-course treatment against complex SRD. It has been researched and has proven effective against key bacterial pathogens that cause complex swine respiratory disease such as Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae, Pasteurella multocida, Bordatella bronchiseptica and Haemophilus parasuis.

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PigCHAMP RFID Instant Data System PigCHAMP

The new PigCHAMP RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) Instant Data System allows pork producers to quickly and accurately identify animals for data collection. Data is then easily uploaded into the producer's PigCHAMP record-keeping software systems. By using special RFID ear tags, the rugged, handheld computer can quickly identify the animal accurately so production information is easily entered. This not only saves time, but also eliminates the risk of mis-identification, a major cause of corrupt data.

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Nuflor Oral 2.3% Concentrate Solution Schering-Plough Animal Health Corporation

Schering-Plough Animal Health Corporation introduces Nuflor Oral 2.3% Concentrate Solution, the broadest spectrum oral antibiotic available for the treatment of several major causes of swine respiratory disease. Nuflor Oral 2.3% Concentrate Solution contains florfenicol, a novel, fast-acting, long-lasting antibiotic developed by Schering-Plough. The new solution is labeled for the treatment of swine respiratory disease associated with Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae, Pasteurella multocida, Salmonella choleraesuis and Streptococcus suis Type 2.

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Automatic Gestation System (AGS) Schick Enterprises

Schick Enterprises has developed a large-pen Automatic Gestation System (AGS). AGS is the first, large-pen system of its kind on the market. A group of as many as 150 sows can be managed and fed with the system. AGS uses RFID tags to enable the system to process animals in seconds, leading to very fast through-put. Trickle Feeding Stations allow all sows to eat at the same time, virtually eliminating sow aggression while also keeping the dominant sows from over-eating. All management capabilities are performed through a web-based interface.

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GrowTRAC Val-Co

GrowTRAC is a complete, wireless monitoring service that extends the capabilities of your existing controllers. GrowTRAC allows producers to connect, monitor and improve production from a single, web-based software solution. Intelligent Alarms report high energy costs, equipment failures and environmental thresholds. Predictive Diagnostics report disease risk, underweight animals, low feed levels and low fuel tanks. Receive notifications with Escalation on a personal computer, the web, via email, text message or via satellite, cell phone or land phone.

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Welbourne Fountains Welbourne Innovations, Inc.

Welbourne Fountains are water fountains with a patented float-operated valve. The fountain design reduces water, medication, waste-removal, energy and labor costs. The fountains deliver an ample supply of water to accommodate two animals drinking at once and operate at any pressure. Welbourne's self-cleaning fountains improve sanitation.

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