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2005 World Pork Expo New Product Tour

Article-2005 World Pork Expo New Product Tour

National Hog Farmer is again offering readers and attendees of World Pork Expo an opportunity to preview their favorite new product or service from the slate of 35 nominations featured in the following pages. qboxanalysis Computer Program Harbro Ltd. The qboxanalysis computer program is a tool to help pork producers earn more quality premiums on market hogs. The program is named after the quality

National Hog Farmer is again offering readers and attendees of World Pork Expo an opportunity to preview their favorite new product or service from the slate of 35 nominations featured in the following pages.


Computer Program Harbro Ltd.

The qboxanalysis computer program is a tool to help pork producers earn more quality premiums on market hogs. The program is named after the quality target area on a packer contract known as the “qbox.” The system allows individual pork producers to access their own market records and allocate them to a range of available packer contracts. The qboxanalysis system then uses information contained in a sizeable database to show the value of the hogs, the proportion in each weight and grade category, and the average premium achieved. The software allows producers to run “what if” scenarios to identify the benefits of changing genetics, health practices or feeding systems, for example. Producers can determine the ideal slaughter weight for their own particular hogs on any given packer contract. Performance benchmarks can be compared to those achieved by other producers covering a wide range of variables.

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Bio-Dri Livestock Trailer Drying System Automated Production Systems

The Bio-Dri System is an independent, dedicated structure designed for high-speed, high-temperature drying of livestock transport trailers to kill viruses and pathogens on the trailer's surface. Recent university studies have shown that thorough drying of trailers after washing greatly reduces the risk of introducing viruses such as PRRS to pigs during transport. Weather conditions and high demand can make adequate natural drying difficult. The Bio-Dri System utilizes high-volume, high velocity blowers and gas-fired burners to deliver heated air directly into the interior of the trailer. The heated air is re-circulated through the system for maximum fuel efficiency and then purged from the chamber at the end of each drying cycle. All functions of the Bio-Dri System are controlled by a programmable logic controller that uses infrared sensors to constantly monitor elapsed time, drying chamber temperature and trailer surface temperatures. The control system features data-logging capability to provide a record of each drying cycle.

Learn more at, or call 217-226-4449.

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50 ml. Plastic Repeater Syringe Durvet, Inc.

The 50 ml. Plastic Repeater Syringe offers a choice of five, fixed-dose settings. The semi-automatic injector features ergonomic fingertip action and a built-in needle magazine. Service kits are available for replacement parts.

Learn more at, or call 816-229-9101

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Twist II Clean Filter Dosmatic USA/International, Inc.

The Twist II Clean spin down filter compliments all medication systems, spray cooling or water supply systems by reducing clogs that cause wear and tear. The filter screen is flushed clean without having to shut off the water pressure at the inlet and outlet. The filter cleans with a quarter-turn of the handle. The turning action simultaneously shuts off the water flow at the outlet and reverses the flow of the water stream from the outside-in direction of the filter element screen, to the inside-out direction. This change in direction then flushes off filtered material. Opening a flush valve to drain the outlet helps make sure all filtered materials are immediately flushed away. The entire cleaning process takes five seconds or less.

Learn more at, or call 800-344-6767

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Herdsman Swine Records S & S Programming, Inc.

The newest version of Herdsman Swine Records includes a BLUP sow indexing report for closed herds with internal multiplication systems. This new report utilizes the BLUP genetic evaluation procedures and results to provide the most accurate evaluation possible regarding reproductive traits. The new process also incorporates wean-to-first service interval into the evaluation in order to include non-productive sow days when deciding how to mate or select cull animals. The new process has been integrated within the traditional commercial sow management module of every Herdsman edition, including the entry-level bronze edition.

Learn more at, or call 765-423-4472.

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QT Quad Manure Spreader Nuhn Industries, Ltd.

The QT Quad is a large-capacity, articulating manure spreader with two halves making up a complete unit. The unit meets axle weight requirements and reduces compaction with multiple wheels. It eliminates the moving parts and top-heavy problems associated with steering. The QT Quad is available in 8,000-, 10,000-, 12,000-, 13,500- and 15,000-gal. sizes.

Learn more at, or call 519-393-6284.

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Progenos 28 Nutritional Supplement

Trouw Nutrition International

Progenos 28 is a nutritional supplement for gestating sows that is designed to decrease embryonic mortality and increase litter size. Both gilts and sows can benefit from the product. Progenos 28 must be fed at the rate of 100 grams/sow/day, beginning on the sixteenth day of gestation and fed through the thirtieth day of gestation.

Learn more at, or call 800-255-3582.

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Synergize Disinfectant Preserve International

Synergize Disinfectant has consistently proven to be the most effective product for the decontamination of PRRSV-positive transport vehicles in testing by the University of Minnesota's Swine Disease Eradication Center. The product can be used at the economical dilution of _ oz. per gal. of water for all aspects of disinfecting and sanitation, including nurseries, farrowing, breeding and gestation rooms, foot baths, vehicles and all areas where effective disease prevention is crucial to animal health and performance. Synergize offers high-powered germicidal activity and non-irritating, non-corrosive characteristics that make it an important part of biosecurity protocols.

Learn more at, or call 770-339-6741.

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M+ Rhusigen Erysipelas Vaccine

Schering-Plough Animal Health

The M+ Rhusigen vaccine is the first available with S-PX protein protection to meet the most severe erysipelas challenge. The vaccine delivers protection against Erysipelothrix rhusiopathiae infection through the growing period.

Learn more by calling 877-633-3953.

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NutriDense Corn ExSeed Genetics

NutriDense corn is specifically designed to offer additional nutritional value for livestock feeding. The corn has a consistent 10% crude protein level on a 12% moisture basis. NutriDense corn also contains 30% more lysine, 26% more threonine and 100% more tryptophan than commodity corn sources. Because of the balanced, concentrated amino acid profile, ration formulations can more closely fulfill the hog's requirements. Elevated oil content helps enhance grinding and feed processing, while generating less dust. Unique starch characteristics provide more energy than commodity corn, 5 to 6% more energy than standard yellow dent corn, and 1.5 to 2% more energy than high-oil corn.

Learn more at, or call 800-233-8942.

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Bin-E Automated Bin Mallet System Binwacker, Inc.

The BIN-E Bin Mallet System is designed to help prevent feed bridging and rat-holing problems via an automated mallet system that runs off the power from the auger power head. The Bin-E helps address the needs created by tandem feeding systems and multiple auger distribution lines. The BIN-E operates off of 110-volt electricity and is available with a new controller unit. When mounted inside the barn, the control unit will accept up to four auger power head line feeds to control up to two BIN-E units. Any auger running at any time will be able to run either one or both of the BIN-E units.

Learn more at, or call 877-492-2537.

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SelectDoser Water Control System Genesis Instruments

The SelectDoser is a 12-volt, peristaltic pump designed to inject solutions such as vaccines, vitamins, feed supplements and water treatment products by a selected ratio into the flow of water. Program the SelectDoser to dispense product into the watering system by choosing from one of 13 pre-set ratios. The SelectDoser can also be customized to meet individual producer needs. Because product never enters the inner workings of the pump, there is less risk of corrosion or disruption of the pumping mechanism. A meter-only feature allows the SelectDoser to act as a water meter when dosing is not required. Both total water consumption and current water flow are displayed.

Learn more at, or call 715-639-9209.

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0.5 ML Ultimate Bottle-Mounted Vaccinator AGRI-PRO ENTERPRISES of Iowa, Inc.

The many new design features of the 0.5 ML Ultimate BMV (Bottle-Mounted Vaccinator) bring together the latest injector innovations. A special dosing selector offers maximum accuracy and repeatability. The bottle-mount design eliminates the need for tubing and helps promote precise dosing without losing expensive medications. An innovative valve design allows low volumes to be administered in 0.1 ml. increments ranging from 0.1 ml. to 0.5 ml. A bottle protector with quick-fitting bottle attachment system holds 100 ml. bottles. A metal nib offers increased durability while the adjustable handle width zoffers optimum comfort. The 180-degree positioning of the barrel allows easy access through hog crates or chutes.

Learn more at, email [email protected], or call 800-648-4696.

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Hercules Arm Motorized Pig Hearse Hog Slat, Inc.

The Hercules Arm Motorized Pig Hearse uses an articulated frame, tiltable telescopic arm, and 180-degree pivotal mast to remove dead animals from crates or pens. An electric winch is controlled at the touch of a button. The hearse is only 20-in. wide, and it can be steered around 24-in. alley corners. The wheels feature a spring-loaded pin to lock the axle for increased traction. The cart moves forward and backward via thumb-controlled buttons.

Learn more at, or call 800-949-4647 in the Eastern U.S., or 800-294-4014 in the Midwestern U.S.

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Hubbard's Homestead Feed Line Hubbard Feeds Inc.

Hubbard's Homestead line of feeds is free of both antibiotics and rendered animal protein. The product line includes nursery feeds, sow feeds and finisher feeds, in addition to nursery premix and grind-and-mix starter products. NutriCare Water products and OptiPig Paste are also available in the Homestead line. The starters rely on bioactive peptides from milk products and contain proprietary blends of ingredients. These ingredients help provide a similar response to plasma without the protein.

Learn more at, or call 800-869-7219.

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Biovator Mortality Composter Hydro Engineering, Inc.

Just add pig mortalities and wood shavings to the Biovator Mortality Composter and the machine will turn itself on for a few hours daily. It takes four to 14 days for nature to process the mortalities into compost that comes out of the Biovator's discharge end in field-ready form. The Biovator composts continuously in both the summer and winter. It has the capacity to handle an average of 350 lb. of mortality per day, amounting to approximately 2,450 lb. per week, or 127,400 lb. of mortality per year.

Learn more at, or call 800-833-5812.

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REAP Agri-King, Inc.

REAP is a blend of enzymes developed by Agri-King, Inc. to help increase energy and protein digestibility of corn-soy diets. When the product was included in grow-finish diets during research trials, the pigs consistently demonstrated improved weight gains, average daily gains, feed efficiency and carcass lean. When REAP is fed at one pound per ton, it replaces up to 60 lb. of fat in the ration. REAP-S is available for starter pig diets and is heat stable for pelleting.

Learn more at, or [email protected] or call 800-435-9560.

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Compost-A-Mat USA Solutions, LLC

Compost-A-Mat is the alternative to the rubber mat currently being used in farrowing crates and nursery pens. The new, disposable mats are made with a minimum of 50% corn stalk. Farrowing mats are available in a 30-in. × 36-in. size and are intended to last 14-19 days before being discarded after use. Nursery mats are available in the same size, and can be discarded after 10-14 days. Wean-to-finish mats are available in 4-ft. × 5-ft. sizes and are designed to last 10-14 days. Discarding the mats helps reduce time spent disinfecting and power washing. The biodegradable mats are designed for composting.

Learn more at, or call 320-250-7687.

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Mecadox/Terramycin Combination Use Phibro Animal Health

Recent FDA-CVM approval allows pork producers to combine the use of Mecadox and feed-grade Terramycin for swine. The approved combination allows for Mecadox levels of 10-25 g/ton to be mixed and fed together with Terramycin feed dosages of 10 mg/lb. bodyweight per day for 7-14 days. This new combination provides protection against both enteric and respiratory diseases for less cost. Producers can now keep Mecadox in pig diets throughout the nursery and early grower, even when feeding a pneumonia medication.

Learn more at, or call 888-475-7355.

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Natural-Source Vitamin E ADM Animal Health & Nutrition

Natural-Source Vitamin E is a stable, natural source of tocopherol that is derived from vegetable oils and isolated as a d-alpha tocopherol. The feed product contains only the RRR stereoisomer form that is preferentially used in animal metabolism. Research has shown that d-alpha-tocopherol is several times more potent than synthetic vitamin E. Natural-Source Vitamin E is beneficial because the RRR-alpha tocopherol is a more potent immune stimulator than synthetic vitamin E, and it may improve overall antioxidant protection as well.

Learn more at or call 877-236-2460

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CitriStim ADM Animal Health & Nutrition

CitriStim is a spray-dried source of mannan oligosaccharides (MOS) produced from a specific proprietary yeast strain. Research has shown MOS benefits weanling pigs because yeast mannans interfere with the ability of E. coli., Salmonella, and Clostridium to bind in the intestinal tract. When pigs were fed CitriStim-supplemented diets compared to a negative control, the pigs fed CitriStim performed significantly better regardless of medication regimen.

Learn more at or call 877-236-2460.

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Rescue Decks S & R Resources, LLC

The Rescue Deck is designed to be installed between two crates in the farrowing room as an early intervention system to rescue challenged piglets. The Rescue Deck can accommodate 12 piglets up to 20 days of age. Two Ascend Liquid Feeders are included with the Rescue Deck to provide pigs with a milk feeding system. Key features of the Rescue Deck include plastic coated wire flooring, temperature regulator and sliding lid. The decks help pigs weighing less than 2.5 lb. at birth, or non-thriving pigs catch up with littermates.

Learn more at or call 636-677-1765 or 217-285-5276.

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Ultimate Wet/Dry TUB Feeder Thorp Equipment, Inc.

The Ultimate Wet/Dry TUB Feeder delivers fresh feed and fresh water like a tube feeder, while providing the extra feed capacity like a dry feeder. The new feeder helps ensure pigs are receiving feed in emergencies such as during power outages, for example. The feeder features a self-leveling vacuum valve to regulate the water supply. This feature helps eliminate the mess and trouble of leaky nipples.

Learn more at, or call 800-827-5052.

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UltraSELECT 101 Stockmanship Training Program National Swine Registry/UltraCROSS Swine Breeding Solutions

UltraSELECT 101 is a multi-media, classroom-style training program for farm owners and managers who are responsible for gilt selection. A qualified National Swine Registry/UltraCROSS representative explains the selection process, step-by-step by reviewing the basics of structural soundness and reproductive traits. On-farm training sessions can also be incorporated into the training module to customize selection protocols for individual farms. Participants receive a certificate after completing the program.

Learn more at, or call 765-463-3594.

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Ultra Care Gel Land O'Lakes Feed

UltraCare Gel is a pre-starter product that delivers baby pig nutrition in a high-moisture gel form. Putting a scoop of gel on the mat when baby pigs are still with the sow helps imprint the flavor on the pigs. When post weaning pigs are fed UltraCare Gel for 4-7 days postweaning, they stay hydrated until they start consuming water, eat more dry feed and find feed and feeders easier. At-risk pigs respond with faster gains and make an easier transition to dry feed. UltraCare Gel can be fed on mats, in feeders or in pans.

Learn more at, or call 800-831-5040

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EXCEDE For Swine Respiratory Disease Treatment Pfizer Animal Health

EXCEDE for Swine provides at least seven days of therapy for swine respiratory disease (SRD) with a single, injectable dose. EXCEDE for Swine is a Ceftiofur Crystalline Free Acid product that offers a sustained release formulation. The product is indicated for the treatment of SRD associated with Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae, Pasteurella multocida, Haemophilus parasuis, and Streptococcus suis. EXCEDE requires a pre-slaughter withdrawal period of 14 days.

Learn more at, or call 86-387-2287

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Mycofix Plus Feed Additives Biomin USA, Inc.

The Mycofix Plus line of feed additives helps protect animal health by deactivating mycotoxins pigs consume from contaminated feed. Selective blends of minerals bind to aflatoxins, ochratoxins and fumonisins so they cannot be absorbed by the pig's digestive system. These mycotoxins are then excreted. In addition, specific enzymes help degrade and break up fusarium toxins such as trichothecenes and zearalenone. Mycofix Plus is especially helpful in preventing problems in feed for both young and sensitive animals. Animals perform better because beneficial intestinal flora are stimulated to help strengthen the pig's immune status.

Learn more at, or call 210-342-9555.

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Magaplus AI Catheter Magapor S.L.

Magaplus is a one-piece, post-cervical catheter designed for artificial insemination use without a catheter guide. Eliminating the catheter guide allows for improved passage through the cervical channel. The Magaplus reduces the time necessary to perform inseminations. The new catheter can be used in both gilts and sows.

Learn more at, or email [email protected].

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Tri-Xcell Swine Semen Extender IMV International Corporation

Tri-Xcell is a new version of long-term semen extender designed to provide boar studs with a more effective means to control bacterial growth in semen. The new extender contains a blend of three antibiotics, gentamycin sulfate, sodium amoxicillin and tylosin, to provide broad-spectrum control of bacterial growth. If bacterial growth is effectively inhibited, semen shelf life may be improved.

Learn more at, or call 800-342-5468.

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Fly Parasites Kunafin

Fly parasites are beneficial insects that help reduce fly populations in hog operations by preying on flies. Kunafin helps producers use the fly parasites as part of an integrated fly management program. As part of the program, Kunafin consultants will help custom-design the biological integrated fly management program to each specific operation. The first step is an assessment of the operation. The fly parasites are effective when released in key fly breeding areas throughout the operation, such as wherever there is manure, around water and feed areas and in areas of dampness and decay. Kunafin's integrated insect management programs are environmentally friendly.

Learn more at, or call 800-832-1113, or email [email protected].

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The Chiller Fan J & D Manufacturing, Inc.

The Chiller recirculation fan has a three-winged, galvanized blade and direct drive motor that work together to create an unequaled air pattern. The single-speed motor comes with a two-year warranty. The Chiller features a heavy-duty, powder-coated, multi-position support bracket, motor mount and guard.

Learn more at, or call 800-998-2398

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Gestal Feeding System Jyga Concept Inc.

The Gestal Feeding System offers pork producers computerized feeding systems that allow technical management of the animals' productivity. Computer-controlled, individual feed distribution units help adjust sow meals on a day-to-day basis. Detailed reports give specific information regarding individual sows and the herd in real-time. The system helps decrease feed wastage and helps producers target where intervention may be needed.

Learn more at, or by calling 866-333-7853, or email [email protected].

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Future-1 Ultrasound Scanner Inserbo S.L.

The Future-1 ultrasound scanner weighs only 595 grams, with batteries included. The small size of the scanner and 5-in. LCD screen provides excellent mobility. An image-freezing option is available on the scanner and probe. The scanner offers backfat measurements and is capable of detecting gestation from 16 to 18 days.

Learn more at

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Stock Shot Spray Dyes LA-CO Industries, Inc.

Pork producers can mix new Stock Shot Spray Dye concentrates for use in a commercial grade pressure sprayer to shoot a stream of spray dye at animals up to 10 feet away. This provides a cost-effective method of quickly marking large volumes of animals. Five high-visibility concentrate color options are available for mixing and use with the LA-CO Industries Commercial Grade Sprayer. Each ounce of concentrate will make one pint of spray dye, with a 16 to 1 mixing ratio. The new Stock Shot spray dyes also come in seven high-visibility colors in premix spray bottles.

Learn more at, or call 847-427-3223.

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