Publications Outline Best Practices

Best envionmental management practices: farm animal production

The 12 publications in the “Best Environmental Management Practices: Farm Animal Production” series address everything from nutrition management to keeping non-farm neighbors happy.

Pamphlets are designed to be a quick read, says Don Jones, Purdue Cooperative Extension Service livestock housing and manure management specialist, who co-authored six of the publications. All are four-page foldouts on legal size paper, printed front and back. They provide fairly complete descriptions of where manure is going to be applied and selecting a field to apply it on.

The 12 publications with Purdue Extension publication numbers, include:

  1. Land Application Records and Sampling, ID-300.
  2. Emergency Action Planning for Livestock Operations, ID-301.
  3. Mortality Management, ID-302.
  4. Inspecting Your Confined Feeding Operation, ID-303.
  5. Feeding Strategies to Lower N&P in Manure, ID-304.
  6. Building Good Neighbor Relationships, ID-305.
  7. Veterinarian Waste Disposal Options, ID-306.
  8. Manure Nutrient Recycling, ID-307.
  9. Environmentally Sensitive Field Characteristics, ID-308.
  10. Manure Applicator Calibration, ID-309.
  11. Odor Control Options for Confined Feeding, ID-310.
  12. Comprehensive Nutrient Management Planning, ID-311.

The entire set is being packaged as Extension publication no. ID-312. The first set is shipped free, $1 charge thereafter.

Comments were provided by 16 Purdue University and Michigan State University Extension specialists.

The publications are available at Purdue Extension county offices and online at