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Adjustable Farrowing Stall

Article-Adjustable Farrowing Stall

Sow stall provides numerous space configurations. A more animal-friendly sow farrowing stall system for producers who are striving to optimize animal

Sow stall provides numerous space configurations.

A more animal-friendly sow farrowing stall system for producers who are striving to optimize animal well-being and productivity has been introduced by Chore-Time Hog Production Systems. The German-engineered stalls represent more than 20 years of experience in Europe. The adjustable stalls provide space for sows to enter and exit while protecting baby pigs. There are eight length adjustments and four width adjustments to provide conventional or diagonal space configurations that offer up to 20% more space. The stalls are available in galvanized or stainless steel construction. Stalls feature a self-actuated, feed-dispensing system with an easy-to-clean stainless steel trough and hopper. For more information, call (574) 658-4101, fax (574) 658-3471, e-mail [email protected] or click on

Farrowing Mats

SaniZorb is a new generation of farrowing mats for piglets from Falcon Packaging & Transport. Mats are made from 100% recycled natural fibers, providing an environmental alternative to rubber, nylon or plastic mats. SaniZorb mats are biodegradable and can be easily disposed of in manure pits. Mats provide heat and help improve piglet survival rate. The mats come ready to use in dimensions of 14.75 × 20.75 in. More information is available at

Accounting Software

Red Wing Software announces the launch of CenterPoint Payroll software for the agriculture market. CenterPoint Payroll integrates with CenterPoint Accounting for Agriculture and acts as a stand-alone product for operations with other financial management systems. The software is ideal for employers who need to pay employees in a variety of ways, including different pay rates by shift, season or by job. Information is also available at

Data Logger

Wireless data loggers to monitor temperature and humidity levels in livestock facilities is available from Dickson to provide the ultimate flexibility in monitoring technology without any wiring constraints. The Dickson D250 and D251 data loggers feature an easy and affordable way of creating a monitoring network from your PC, eliminate the need for manual data downloading, provide alarm notification sent to your PC and come with easy-to-use software installed in minutes. For more information about Dickson's recorders and data loggers, go to, call (630) 543-3747 or e-mail [email protected].

Animal Incinerator

Southern Breeze Fabricators, Inc. is offering several models of The Eliminator animal incinerators for disposal of animal mortalities. The units feature a wedge-shaped, self-feeding design with a 115-volt electrical system; 12-hour, one-step timer; removable grates; bottom-burning, easy ash cleanout; sterile residue; steel plate construction; and 1,200-1,500 °F burn temperature. A second burner and propane burner are options, as is a roll-back door and extra clean-out door. More information is available by phone (229) 336-9337, fax (229) 336-1844 or e-mail [email protected].

Paylean-Tylan Combination

The Food and Drug Administration has approved a new combination use of Paylean and Tylan that provides added flexibility for use in pigs weighing more than 240 lb. The new clearance permits Paylean to be fed at 4.5-9 g./ton in combination with Tylan Premix at 100 g./ton. The combination allows producers to join growth and carcass benefits of Paylean with the added ability of feeding Tylan to control ileitis during the final period before marketing. “This new clearance offers producers and veterinarians a new way to improve late-finishing performance and profitability, while controlling ileitis outbreaks,” says Mike Van Koevering, Elanco swine technical services manager. “In addition, because both products have zero withdrawal prior to market, they work with Pork Quality Assurance guidelines.” More information is available at (800) 428-4441 or

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