Nutrient management in soybean stubble
Impermeable cover on a manure storage that allows collection of biogas, keeps rainwater out of the manure and helps minimize odor and ammonia loss, but is it cost feasible?
On ongoing year-round process, manure management has been a key focal point in preparation of the storm.
Side photo of SDSU swine unit slanted bed biofilter with dimensions
Applying hog manure using a drag line system into a field of small grain stubble.
Manure applicator injecting into a soybean field.
Manure handling
MAPHEX was designed to be a mobile system that fits on two large flatbed trailers to service a number of small- or medium-size dairies. If it is scaled up to have the capacity to treat manure from a large dairy, it would no longer be mobile.
Hog Barn near soybean field
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