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John Deere’s Manure Constituent Sensing system monitors nutrients that are in manure as it is being applied to a field, allowing the applicator to adjust the amount of manure being applied based on the needs of the crop.
Since the 1990s, Smithfield has explored ways to transform hog manure into renewable energy.
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Special care is needed to prevent manure runoff in late-winter early spring
Snowmelt can cause nutrient transport from manure, so careful planning is required to protect water and to get the most from the manure nutrients.
Wisconsin runoff risk advisory website
Nutrient management in soybean stubble
Impermeable cover on a manure storage that allows collection of biogas, keeps rainwater out of the manure and helps minimize odor and ammonia loss, but is it cost feasible?
On ongoing year-round process, manure management has been a key focal point in preparation of the storm.