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Kansas State University updates swine nutrition guide

New information regarding finishing pig and sow nutrition are expected to be available this spring.

A veterinarian and PhD candidate in Applied Swine Nutrition at Kansas State University, recently updated the KSU Swine Nutrition Guide. Produced by the Kansas State University Applied Swine Nutrition Team, the guide serves as a reference for understanding swine nutrition principles and offers recommendations regarding applied nutrition to the swine industry.

“Over the years, the guide gained widespread popularity with U.S. swine producers and also in other countries around the world,” says Mariana Boscato Menegat, who spearheaded the project. “Thus, there was a need to update the latest version of the guide with current nutrition recommendations and practices, as well as to adapt the content and the format to a broader audience.”

The guide was first developed nearly 25 years ago, and according to Bob Goodband, K-State swine nutrition professor and extension specialist, through the years it has been updated as new research and knowledge became available.

The revised Swine Nutrition Guide website serves as an important tool to the K-State swine research program and producers, offering a layout that is conducive to finding and accessing practical swine nutrition research data in the form of new technology. An exciting new feature the update offers is smartphone compatibility. This demonstrates the Applied Swine Nutrition team’s dedication to adopting new technology for the ultimate advancement of the swine industry.

“The new edition of the Nutrition Guide contains several new features that we really think will make it very helpful to swine producers and nutritionists,” Goodband says. “We have updated diet formulations and amino acid recommendations as well as several new web-based tools for producers to use to help them make nutrition decisions. Mariana has done a wonderful job updating the guide and we think it’s an important resource for pork producers.”

Thus far, updates to the general nutrition principles and nursery nutrition sections have been applied to the website. New information regarding finishing pig and sow nutrition are expected to be available this spring.

“The content was elaborated to communicate to a broader audience, providing practical information of interest to farm managers, swine producers, animal scientists, veterinarians, swine nutritionists and students,” Menegat says.

Source: Kansas State University Animal Sciences and Industry department, which is solely responsible for the information provided, and wholly owns the information. Informa Business Media and all its subsidiaries are not responsible for any of the content contained in this information asset.
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