Sows in a farrowing house
The ASF policy as well as a new foot and mouth disease policy are available as a package or exclusively.
Every day passionate people take great care in raising pigs America39s pig farmers work hard to provide safe quality pork for everyone39s table They do not take days off for holidays or winter storms because the pigs depend on them to survive The US pork industry also contributes more than meat to society including jobsnbspsupport local commerce and contribute to the economic tax basenbspSo this holiday season take time to say quotthank youquot to a farmer as you enjoy the fruits of
Finishing hogs in a barn
Finisher pigs in a pen in a barn
Piglets nursing on a sow
sow and piglets_rakijung_iStock_Thinkstock-492402117.jpg
Pigs provided enrichment (pig toys) are less aggressive against each other