A Senecarvirus blister on a pig's nose
Veterinarians take their leadership role in antibiotic use serious and have a large responsibility Unfortunately of the 110000 veterinarians in the United States only approximatelynbsp13 work on food animals In fact nationwide 20 of the counties do not have a large animal veterinarian available according to the FDAVeterinarians take an oath to prevent animal suffering Many feel strongly that restrictions placed on antibiotic use by food companies breaches that oathnbspDavid French DVM
piglets at a feeder
Handlers can utilize the bubble surrounding themselves to help achieve flowing herd behavior.
Livestock semi trailer leaving a farm yard
Lethargy in pigs and neonatal mortality have been attributed to Senecavirus A
Factors affecting the injection quality include the age and size of the pig restraint method volume viscosity or flow characteristics of the product and the proper route of administration
Exterior of a filtered hog barn
Ken Maschhoff, NPPC presdient