Sow with a large litter of white pigs
Side-by-side farrowing stalls with piglets
Gilts in a group housing pen
2017 Pig Farmers of Tomorrow: Kyle Coble, Maddie Schafer and Logan Thornton with Brad Greenway, America's Pig Farmer of the Year.
When using a syringe with needle attached follow these five steps1 Fill the syringe with proper dosage or preset dosage on adjustable syringe2 Make sure no air bubbles are present in the syringe Tap syringe barrel to make bubbles rise to the top and squeeze syringe trigger or plunger slightly to remove air bubbles3 Restrain or confine animals to ensure accurate placement of the injection4 Locate the injection site making sure the site is clean 5 Quickly and firmly insert needle into
Business People At Starting Blocks
Leslie McCuiston
Real pig farming National Pork Month
Group-housed sows
Hog barn end wall has many fans to improve the barn's environment for the hogs inside