Renowned African swine fever researcher joins Seek Labs

Gladue previously developed vaccines from concept to commercialization for foreign animal diseases at the Plum Island Animal Disease Center.

June 4, 2024

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Seek Labs, a healthcare innovations company developing next-generation point-of-care molecular diagnostic systems and novel CRISPR-based pharmaceutical technology, is pleased to announce the appointment of Douglas Gladue, PhD as the new vice president of veterinary pharmaceutical development. Gladue, an internationally recognized expert in African swine fever research and development, brings decades of knowledge and experience in ASF vaccine research and development to Seek Labs where he will lead research and development efforts in CRISPR-based veterinary pharmaceutical projects.

Gladue previously led and developed vaccines from concept to commercialization for foreign animal diseases at the Plum Island Animal Disease Center for the Agricultural Research Service in the USDA. In his role with the USDA, he led research, invented and commercialized the first and second live-attenuated vaccines for ASF, significantly contributing to the global management of this critical agricultural issue. Gladue is also one of the only ARS recipients in history to receive the prestigious Arthur S. Flemming award for his ASF vaccine accomplishments.

In his new role with Seek Labs, Gladue will spearhead veterinary pharmaceutical research utilizing the company’s CRISPR technology. His expertise in vaccine development and disease trials is instrumental in enhancing Seek Labs’ research capabilities and development efforts for veterinary applications.

"We are excited to welcome Dr. Douglas Gladue to our growing pharmaceutical team," said Jared Bauer, CEO of Seek Labs. “Dr. Gladue’s unparalleled expertise in African swine fever and his visionary approach to research and vaccine development align with our strategic goals to develop solutions using our CRISPR technologies. We are confident his leadership will propel our pharmaceutical research to veterinary applications.”

Gladue earned a B.S. in microbiology from the University of Rhode Island and went on to earn a PhD in molecular genetics and microbiology from Stony Brook University. He is an executive board member and scientific director for the Global African Swine Fever Research Alliance. Additionally, he serves as an editorial board member for several scientific journals, including the Journal of Virology and of Viruses.

“I am excited to join Seek Labs and lead veterinary pharmaceutical development,” said Gladue. “Seek Labs is trailblazing new solutions for complex viral diseases like African swine fever with their CRISPR technology approach. Seek Labs’ unique approach shows great promise to develop a targeted and effective solution for ASF as well as other agricultural diseases.”

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