Producer tools for pig livability

When it comes to pig livability, what tools are available to improve pig health, biosecurity and traceabliity? We caught up with the experts from the National Pork Board during World Pork Expo to get the details.

June 7, 2024

Swine health concerns can challenge pig livability and various avenues of sustainability like animal wellbeing and business continuity.  There are Checkoff-funded tools producers can use to improve animal health, protect pigs and people with strict biosecurity, implement traceability standards, learn from already-established resources and explore potential solutions like gene editing.  
Among the many topics of discussion that we had at World Pork Expo was that pig livability. Specifically, we looked into Check-off funded tools that producers can use to improve pig health. Our Ann Hess leads that conversation. While at Expo she sat down with Drs. Chris Hostetler, Director of Animal Science, Marisa Rotolo, Director of Swine Health and Brent Pepin, Director of Swine Health, all with National Pork Board.  

This episode has been sponsored by United Animal Health, a leader in animal health and nutrition. You can learn more about United Animal Health and how they are working to advance animal science worldwide by visiting the website at

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