Kemin Industries launches an advanced feed acidifier for U.S. swine health

With targeted release in the gastrointestinal tract, FORMYL provides acidification to enhance pathogen control efforts, support overall intestinal health.

June 11, 2024

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Kemin Industries has launched FORMYL, an innovative feed additive designed to enhance swine health and productivity, in the United States. The cutting-edge solution from the Kemin Animal Nutrition and Health – North America business unit uses a proprietary blend of encapsulated calcium formate and citric acid, ensuring optimal delivery and efficacy.

FORMYL offers numerous benefits and features, including:

  • Effective feed acidifier to address pathogens and promote a healthy gut environment

  • Non-antibiotic solution of formic acid contributes to minimizing the presence of Enterobacteriaceae challenges and Escherichia coli

  • Encapsulation technology that ensures safer handling and maximum impact in the animal

Calcium formate was recently approved in the U.S. for use as a feed acidifying agent in complete swine and poultry feeds. Research has shown calcium formate is a highly effective feed acidifier and antimicrobial agent that can combat pathogens by damaging their cell membranes.

"We are thrilled to grow our offering of innovative products for the swine market," said Daryl Schraad, president, Kemin Animal Nutrition and Health – North America. "Our team is constantly working to bring new solutions to the marketplace, and we believe that FORMYL will have a positive impact on the swine industry from a performance and profitability standpoint."

Calcium formate is widely recognized for its ability to reduce the pH of the gastrointestinal tract, which can help to improve the barrier of microbial passage to the intestinal tract. This, in turn, can improve the activity of gastric enzymes post-weaning, enhancing digestion and reducing the incidence of diarrhea. With targeted release in the gastrointestinal tract, FORMYL provides acidification to enhance pathogen control efforts and support overall intestinal health, leading to improved performance and profitability in swine production.

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