Genesus to restructure with Canada ZF Investments

Existing shareholders, senior management and colleagues join Genesus Genetic Technologies.

July 3, 2024

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In the global swine genetic industry there has been major consolidation. Genesus is now Canada’s only swine genetic company. The scale of investment in genetics and technology to have continued improvement has increased dramatically over the last few years. Swine genetic companies that did not have continued improvement have gone by the wayside.

Increased capital for continued genetic gain are necessary to remain competitive globally. Genesus global competitors are publicly traded companies, part of a larger entity and/or co-ops with major funding from their respective governments. Genesus is the only privately owned global swine genetic company solely focused on swine genetics.

The saying “There is nothing permanent except change” comes to mind. The quest to remain independent and to facilitate continued enhanced genetic improvement and market presence has led Genesus to Canada ZF Investments who are proceeding with the purchase of Genesus and its subsidiaries as part of planned restructuring.

There will be a new merged entity Genesus Genetic Technologies operating globally. Genesus existing shareholders, senior management and colleagues will join Genesus Genetic Technologies. Jim Long will be president – CEO, Mike Van Schepdael as vice president and Bob Kemp as vice president.

In a company announcement, Long, Van Schepdael and Kemp noted they are looking forward to continuing to work globally with producers "as Genesus continues to bring genetics that live and deliver a superior taste." Quoting Pope John Paul II, the trio said, "Our future starts today not tomorrow.”

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