Fortiva aims to address livestock industry's most challenging issues

Formerly PMI Additives, firm is also launching several new technologies within the monogastric and ruminant spaces.

May 29, 2024

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Fortiva is committed to advancing foundational ingredients for the future of animal health. The brand offers the swine, poultry, dairy and cattle industries a curated portfolio of non-medicated feed additives designed to work with an animal’s physiology to support animal resilience and customers’ operations.

“At Fortiva, we’re striving to build a better understanding of animal physiology and the mode of action for each technology so that every molecule in our products can have an impact on our customers’ animal productivity, help improve business efficiency and help deliver a strong return on their feed investment,” says Stacie Crowder, Ph.D., director of additive sales and technical innovation with Fortiva.

Fortiva, formerly PMI Additives, combines proven feed technologies, such as Ambitine, FloMatrix and Vitacy FeedLock with a commitment to proactively seek out new ingredients to help solve the industry’s biggest challenges, now and into the future. The company is also launching several new technologies within the monogastric and ruminant spaces, including Fortiva Amulet, a unique feed technology designed to support gut health during times of stress for dairy calves and transition cows.

With a focus on optimizing gut health, pre and probiotics, phytogenics, rumen modifiers and more, Fortiva products help address the most challenging issues across all industry segments.

Reframing the role of feed additives

Feed additives have been a growing market in the livestock industry for decades, as reduced margins, pressure from government regulations and increased focus on sustainability have resulted in the need to do more with less to help ensure producers and businesses remain profitable.

“Every single ingredient in the ration must pull its weight and make a measurable difference in reaching producers’ production and business goals,” says Crowder. “Our aim is to help producers harness the transformative power of additive technology by working together to build solutions that drive animal resilience and push the boundaries of what’s possible.”

Fortiva’s innovation team, led by Crowder, works collaboratively with large integrators, producers, veterinarians, independent nutritionists, co-ops, dealers and feed manufacturers to identify issues and share the effects and impacts of how each ingredient can be applied to solve their unique business challenges and tackle the industry’s toughest issues.

“Collaborating with producers to make technology work for real-world challenges is what drives innovation,” says Crowder. “Together, we can make animals and producers’ businesses more resilient in the face of future challenges.”

For more information about the Fortiva brand and product line, visit the website.

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