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Lallemand Acquires SA Bioproducts

Lallemand has acquired SA Bioproducts, located near Durbin, South Africa. SA Bioproducts produces lysine for the animal feed market and, in collaboration with Amino GmbH of Germany, supplies isoleucine for the human pharmaceutical market. This acquisition firmly establishes Lallemand’s position as a leading supplier to the human and animal feed markets in South Africa: Lallemand purchased Anchor Yeast in South Africa in 2006 and owns 50% of Vitec, an animal feed company in Johannesburg.

About Lallemand

Lallemand, Inc. is a privately owned Canadian company specialized in yeast, bacteria and yeast derivatives, for animal nutrition, baking, winemaking and pharmaceutical industries. Lallemand is the only major supplier of yeast and bacteria that is a primary producer of both.

Lallemand Animal Nutrition is dedicated to the development, production, and marketing of profitable, natural and differentiated solutions for animal nutrition and health. Our core products are live bacteria for probiotics and silage inoculants, specific yeast for probiotics, and high value yeast derivatives.

Lallemand is a major supplier of probiotics and silage inoculants in Europe, North America and Africa. We also have a growing presence in Asia and South America. More news from Lallemand Animal Nutrition can be seen on