Kalibrator Metering System

Dean Technologies, LLC

The Kalibrator is a highly accurate metering system that allows producers to incorporate feed grade medications, probiotics, and growth enhancers on-site rather than at the feed mill. Mounted on each feed bin, the machines automatically deliver precise dosages of product to each feed line. An electronic sensor signals the Kalibrator to run when the feed line runs and shut off when the feed line stops. This metering system takes the cost out of formulating medicated feed at the feed mill. Additional advantages include no more short runs of medicated feed, and no more costly clean-outs. The Kalibrator operates on a 110-volt line run from the barn to a proprietary control unit sequenced to each machine.

Learn more at www.gokalibrator.com, or call 866-688-0488 for more information.
Visit Booth No. 2821-2822 CB at World Pork Expo.

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