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December 15, 2004


New research targeting the genes associated with sow longevity, the impact of selecting for growth and leanness on sow productivity measures, and lysine levels in developing gilt rations are covered.

Genetic Markers Targeted for Sow Longevity

Fattest Females Achieve Most Genetic Progress in Landrace, Duroc Comparison

Boosting Lysine Levels Spurs Gilt Development When Given PG600

Herd Health/Management

Aggressive behavior in large and small social groups, the influence of environment and genetics on pig performance variation, plus immunity response and the influence of weaning age is featured.

Large Social Groups Exhibit Aggressive Behavior

Measuring Variation In Performance

Immune Tools Measure Pig Disease, Vaccine Responses

Weaning Age, Lighting Impact Gains Immunity

Meat Processing Technologies May Help Block Toxoplasma Transmission

Manure/Odor Control

Engineers report on a comparison of dust and gas levels in deep-bedded barns vs. deep-pit barns.

Test of Farrowing Environments Reveals No Clear-Cut Winner

Animal Welfare

The effectiveness of various pig-moving devices is compared, plus the correlation of sow productivity levels with lameness and the likelihood of culling are revealed.

Pig-Moving Devices Tested for Effectiveness

Lame Sows Culled Most Often


The impact of phosphorus sources on performance traits and excretion rates lead off this section, which includes a closer look at the importance of mixing in diet preparation, intermittent ractopamine use in finishing pigs, the value of field peas in reducing diet costs and phosphorus excretion and more.

Low-Phytate Diets with Phytase Drop Phosphorus Excretion

Inadequate Diet Mixing Greatly Reduces Nursery Pig Performance

Effects of Intermittent Ractopamine Use on Late Finishing Performance

Field Peas Trim Diet Costs, Phosphorus Excretion

Adequate Iron Retention Requires Supplementation

On-Farm Tests Indicate No Advantage with Diet Acidification