Hydro Equalizing Manifold Unit

Hydro Engineering, Inc.

The Hydro Equalizer Manifold was developed to get equal amounts of manure to every injector on a drag hose injection toolbar or manure tank wagon injection toolbar. As the rotating equalizer turns, it feeds each outlet. The Equalizer is designed to perform with even flow to each injector, regardless of gpm (gallons per minute) flow to the manifold, and can accommodate from 200-2,000 gpm. The replaceable Equalizer shearing edge is made of heat-treated, tooled steel. The Equalizer helps accomplish even manure coverage in the field and also helps minimize plugging of outlets.

Learn more at www.hydro-eng.com, or call 800-833-5812.
Visit Booth No. 4204 CB at World Pork Expo.

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