Aptimmune launches world's first mucosal PRRSV vaccine

June 8, 2017

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Aptimmune launches world's first mucosal PRRSV vaccine

Aptimmune Biologics has launched its first autogenous PRRSV vaccine made with BARRICADE formulation technology. It’s the world’s first commercially available mucosal PRRSV vaccine for swine administered via nasal spray.

Aptimmune’s autogenous mucosal PRRS vaccine utilizes the BARRICADE® proprietary vaccine technology, which offers producers and veterinarians a revolutionary approach to PRRSV management. The mucosal vaccine offers a new class of vaccine to combat a devastating and costly disease. BARRICADE® PRRSV combines three core components: First, a powerful and safe immune stimulating adjuvant based on mycobacterium whole cell lysate. Second, high-titer PRRSV antigen produced on ZMAC, the world’s only commercially available porcine based alveolar macrophage cell line. Lastly, Aptimmune’s proprietary nanoparticles deliver the vaccine payload to immune cells responsible for mucosal immunity, potentially offering enhanced cell-mediated immunity and antibody production.

“The intent is to create immunity at the respiratory surface, where the pig is naturally challenged. This vaccine offers a real opportunity to address a significant gap in disease control that still exists years after PRRSV was first identified.” says Dr. Bob Nordgren, Aptimmune Biologics Consulting Immunologist.

“Aptimmune has benefited from ground-breaking research conducted at the University of Illinois, The Ohio State University, and several private companies. We are proud the launch of BARRICADE validates our collaborative innovation model. We are exceptionally pleased with early customer feedback. In the coming months, we expect to launch additional vaccines formulated with BARRICADE, including influenza.” says Aaron Gilbertie, Aptimmune CEO.

Aptimmune’s PRRSV vaccine is available through swine veterinarians in 250-mL and 500-mL bottles. Veterinarians typically recommend pigs should be vaccinated intranasally once at 7-10 days of age and again at weaning (approximately 3 weeks of age). Aptimmune’s PRRSV vaccine formulated with BARRICADE® includes a 21-day withdrawal period, the fewest days allowed for autogenous products.

For more information on the industry’s first autogenous mucosal PRRSV vaccine with BARRICADE technology, visit aptimmune.com.

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