World Pork Expo Organizers Implement Biosecurity Plan

In preparation for this year’s World Pork Expo, June 4-6, NPPC gathered a group of veterinary experts to determine the best ways to prevent the potential for disease transmission in all areas of the exposition. According to Neil Dierks, NPPC CEO, the experts have assured stringent health requirements are in place for the World Pork Expo shows and sales.

Expo attendees are asked to observe good biosecurity practices, including wearing clean clothing and shoes that have not been inside a pork-production facility.

Dierks says as an added assurance, the swine barns and pens on the Iowa State Fairgrounds will be disinfected before the pigs arrive and immediately after Expo. And, attendees can take advantage of specially designed stations near the exits, where they can disinfect their shoes before heading home.

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