Is the PEDV Outbreak Winding Down?

No new states reported porcine epidemic diarrhea virus (PEDV) outbreaks during the last week of March, 2014, but Vermont reported a confirmed case during the first week in April. The National Animal Health Laboratory Network (NAHLN)  reported 247 positive accessions out of 802 tested at eight veterinary diagnostic labs in areas that were previously known to have herds battling the disease. In addition, they adjusted the previous week’s number down to 270. According to NAHLN, this maintains the general downward trend in positive case submissions. The announcement of the PEDV case in Vermont following the release of the report means a total of 28 states have at least one confirmed case of PEDV.

NAHLN collects the data and compiles the report from all labs conducting PEDV testing.

Paul Sundberg, DVM, with the National Pork Board says there has been a slight downturn in the number of PEDV infections in recent weeks.  Sundberg said in a Brownfield News interview that he expects that trend to continue throughout the summer because the virus does not thrive as well in hot and dry conditions when compared to cold, damp environments.

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