Haemophilus Parasuis Vaccine Wins Approval

Newport Laboratories is marketing its first federally licensed vaccine, ParaSail, the swine industry's first avirulent live, single-dose vaccine for Haemophilus parasuis

Newport Laboratories is marketing its first federally licensed vaccine, ParaSail, the swine industry's first avirulent live, single-dose vaccine for Haemophilus parasuis. Available exclusively through veterinarians, the company says ParaSail has proven effective against three of the most common strains of H. parasuis: serotypes 4, 5 and 13. Multiple side-by-side comparisons have shown a single dose of the vaccine to be as effective as a two-dose regime, the company states. The U.S. Department of Agriculture has approved the vaccine for use as a single, 1 ml. dose administered intramuscularly. Researchers at Newport Laboratories discovered an attenuated strain of H. parasuis that was safe in pigs, provided broad-spectrum immunity and was the foundation strain for ParaSail. The vaccine is safe for use in pigs 21 days of age and older, producing decreased incidence of fever, lesions, and minimal mortality compared with placebo-vaccinated control animals. For more information, call (800) 220-2522 or (507) 372-7779, or visit www.newportlabs.com.

Swine Software

MTech Systems USA, Inc. introduces SMTS, the Swine Management Tools Series, bringing the leading computer software advantages that have benefitted poultry producers of the world to the swine industry. Tools provide comprehensive data management, production planning, business and logistical optimization and accounting and reporting features, with farm-to-fork information traceability and complete sow-to-finishing farm production tracking. Wireless remote data capture is also offered. For more details, phone (678) 990-2345, fax (678) 990-2346 or visit http://www.mtech-systems.com.

Waterproof Jackets

Udder Tech has created waterproof jackets with the thumb hole sleeve sewn right in. The sleeves extend past the wrist and have a loop to slide the thumb through. When worn with nitrile gloves, the jacket eliminates the problem of water and debris getting into the sleeve, protecting wrists that may be sensitive to moisture and manure. The jacket works great for power washing and is excellent for overhead jobs. The roomy raglan sleeves prevent tightness around the shoulder. The full-zip jacket features a full-length zipper and two front pockets, while the pullover jacket has a half zipper with one large front pocket. For more information, call (888) 438-8683 or visit www.uddertechinc.com.

Utility Tractor

Massey Ferguson announces the expansion of the company's 2600 Series utility tractor line to include a new turbocharged model — the Massey Ferguson 2635 with 74 gross engine horsepower. The nimble, easy-to-operate tractor is powered by a direct-injection, four-cylinder, turbocharged diesel engine, which delivers increased pulling power, greater reliability and superior fuel efficiency. The model comes with an economical, constant mesh transmission and live power take-off, or an optional SynchroShuttle transmission with independent power take-off to enable operators to shift on the go. For convenience, most routine daily maintenance, like checking the engine oil level, can be done without lifting the hood. Other new features include an elevated, semi-flat platform with a large plastic fuel tank underneath to easily fill from ground level, an adjustable suspended seat and easy-to-reach controls. For more information, visit www.masseyferguson.com.

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